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Accomplished Rebirth! (果たされしrebirth! Hatasareshi Ribāsu!) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It features the returns of Saki Momose and Kiriya Kujo as Lazer Turbo Bike Gamer Level 0, albeit briefly, after Kiriya's death in episode 12.


The fact that Hiiro has betrayed Emu weighs heavy on the members of CR. If Hiiro is working with Masamune, then there can only be one reason for it. With everyone on the ropes about the situation, suddenly both Parado and Graphite show up in CR! To counter against Cronus, they ask Kuroto about Kamen Rider Chronicle's final boss, Gamedeus, the only being who can defeat Cronus. Just then, Brave confronts Ex-Aid as he is responding to an emergency call...


Director Kagami and the rest of CR are rattled by Hiiro's sudden betrayal, realizing that Masamune bribed him with the Proto Gashats and the promise of Saki's revival. However, Masamune tells Hiiro there is one more thing to do before his reward is given. Suddenly, Parado and Graphite appear in CR to ask Kuroto about Gamedeus, concluding it to be the only way to stop Cronus before leaving. An emergency call brings Emu and Asuna to a patient with Gatton's virus; Emu becomes Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 but Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50 attacks him, letting Gatton escape. Brave makes an energy tornado before using Taddle Critical Slash to defeat Ex-Aid, grabbing his Gamer Driver that had first belonged to Kiriya; Emu was willing to help Hiiro get Saki back, but not by endangering patients' lives, calling Hiiro out as no longer being a doctor. Hiiro tries justifying himself, Saki's death coming from the stress of not spending enough time with him making her death his fault, and he needs to settle things before he can face her again; he leaves, and Taiga stops Emu from following him.

Within the world of the game of Kamen Rider Chronicle, Para-DX Perfect Knock Out Gamer and Guren Graphite Level 99 find a silver Bugster Union representing Gamedeus' data, Graphite stabbing it with the Gashacon Bugvisor to syphon off a single cell before leaving. Graphite volunteers his body to incubate Gamedeus' virus, injecting it as a storm of white fire erupts from him. At CR, the patient, Ichiro Kusano, refuses to let himself be comforted. Kuroto is meanwhile working on a new Gashat to combat Cronus. Parado and Graphite appear to Emu on the hospital roof, proposing that he choose whether to help Hiiro or the patient and suggesting they team up to defeat Cronus, Emu refusing; Parado says they'll defeat both Cronus and Brave before leaving. At the Bugster hideout, Masamune uses the Gashacon Bugvisor II and Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat to summon Saki. To respond to an emergency call, Emu is given his original Gamer Driver, easily repaired by Kuroto. At Taiga's clinic, Nico guesses that Taiga let Hiiro blame him for Saki's death as a way to atone for failing to save her. Saki tells Hiiro to become the world's best doctor…then again, and again; her body is back, but her consciousness is not, as Masamune is holding this as a reward requiring more work from Hiiro. To prove that he can do this, Masamune takes another Proto Gashat and revives someone who surprises Hiiro.

Emu finds Gatton on a rooftop scaring some girls, but Hiiro and Masamune arrive to defend Gatton, as do Parado and Graphite. Emu reminds Hiiro of his advice of keeping feelings separate from the patient, saying that he will excise Hiiro like Hiiro taught him to. They transform to Brave Level 50 and Ex-Aid Level 99, Ex-Aid ejecting from the Maximum Gamer to fight Brave and Gatton. Parado and Graphite become Para-DX and Guren Graphite Level 99 to face Masamune as Cronus Chronicle Gamer as his transformation triggers it to rain. Ex-Aid knocks Gatton and Brave down with the Gashacon Key Slasher, aiming Gun Mode Maximum Mighty Critical Finish at Brave, but instead firing past him to destroy Gatton, curing Ichiro. Graphite and Para-DX have been knocked down by Cronus, Graphite shooting the Bugvisor at Cronus' Driver, implanting Gamedeus' virus and blocking Pause; as they attack, however, a new yellow and pink Rider jumps in and kicks them down, touching Cronus' Driver to destroy the virus before leaving. Cronus uses Pause, hitting Para-DX, Graphite, and Ex-Aid with the Bugvisor II Beamgun Mode's Critical Judgment. He credits the virus's destruction to the new Level 0 Rider, his left hand man to keep the Bugsters in check…Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo. Could it be…Kiriya?


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