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Abunger (アブンガー Abungā, 45-47): A horsefly monster of Neo-Shocker from the Egyptian branch, sent to analyze Skyrider and find a design flaw in the cyborg to exploit.

Character History

Abunger operated in the canal of Suez, Egypt, before heading to Japan to face Skyrider. He first appeared following a string of deaths caused by an unknown toxin. Skyrider faced him, but he escaped. He spied and recorded Skyrider's various battles afterwards using his Horsefly Camera, including Miminger's and Doronyango's deaths.

Later, while Skyrider faced Hebinger, Abunger defeated GanGan G and reappeared before Skyrider, claiming to have analyzed him completely and declaring war against him.

Abunger noticed that after using the Sky Kick, due to focusing all his power on it, Skyrider was severely weakened for a brief moment. Organizing various operations to weaken him before their battle, he set up their duel. Abunger initially had great advantage, dodging Skyrider's Sky Punch and Sky Kick finishers and counterattacking with his own Abunger Sky Kick. However, when he launched a 2nd Sky Kick to finish off the Rider, it hit a nearby Ari Commando, blowing him up. The explosion reacted with Skyrider's Tornado belt, recharging him. Skyrider's Sky Double Kick clashed against the Abunger Sky Kick, and although the first strike of both finishers was equally matched, Abunger lacked a rebound kick, falling to the second part of Skyrider's improved finisher.


He was prideful and considered himself to be the one who should take down Skyrider. However, he also was meticulous. He criticized Admiral Majin's hastiness to deal with Skyrider and only confronted him to the end when he was sure of his victory, due to learning Skyrider's weakness and further weakening him before battle. "Know thyself and thy enemy" was his method to deal with powerful enemies.

Powers and Abilities

Abunger can jump very high and has a venomous spear replacing his right hand that can be launched as an explosive projectile, the Venom Stinger Bomb.

Abunger also can release a Horsefly Camera, a robotic fly that can record and transfer video and data directly to him or his hideout, which allows him to analyze his opponent's movements to find their weakness or even mimic them. He's even able to estimate how much energy is consumed by the recorded attacks.

After analyzing the data he retrieved from Skyrider, Abunger becomes able to use the Abunger Sky Kick himself, with power matching the powered up Skyrider's real Sky Kick.

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