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A Rider's Challenge is the fourth episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. It is the debut of Drew Lansing as the second Kamen Rider Torque and the last appearance of Richie Preston.


Len and Kit hear the attack warning and go off to fight a monster. Meanwhile Maya tags along on an interview with a rival paranormal reporter who dismisses the mirror monster stories. Len and Kit find Richie and Len challenges him to a one on one fight.


Following their training session, Len tells Kit the story behind the Kamen Riders and that including him, there are 12 Riders. The two then fight a mirror monster and defeat it. The next day, Richie's motorcycle is repossessed, Kit tries to learn more about his Advent Cards and Len is out on patrol when they hear a portal open. Maya, who has become the assistant of reporter Michelle Walsh, witnesses Len transform and fight a mirror monster during an interview. After Kit arrives, Len spots Richie whom he identifies as Kamen Rider Incisor. Len challenges Richie to a one-on-one fight and vents him. Kit returns home and doubts if he wants to remain a Kamen Rider. After leaving to fight a mirror monster, another Rider with an Ox Advent Deck appears on a motorcycle.


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Advent Cards

  • Cards used:
    • Dragon Knight:
      • Sword Vent, Attack Vent (Dragreder), Final Vent
    • Wing Knight:
      • Nasty Vent, Final Vent, Sword Vent
    • Incisor:
      • Strike Vent, Final Vent


  • As Kit is looking through his Advent Cards, the camera angle viewing the cards shows his right hand drawing them from his left one, but the angle viewing him from the front shows his left drawing them from his right.
    • Also, the Sword, Guard, Trick, and Shoot Vents from his Survive Mode are seen.

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