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A Dragon's Tale is the fortieth and final episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. This episode serves as an epilogue of the series.


Maya writes a book about the Kamen Riders. All the Ventarans are brought back to their homes, and the Earth Kamen Riders are returned from the Advent Void. Kit decides he wants to be a Kamen Rider for good.


After Xaviax is destroyed Maya recounts everything that has happened throughout the series in her new book named "Mirror World: The Adventures of the Kamen Riders", including what has happened to everyone since the final battle. All the Ventarans are brought back to their homes, and the Earth Kamen Riders are returned from the Advent Void and their memories of being Riders were erased, except Kit Taylor who permanently become Adam's successor as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, making him the only active Earth Kamen Rider. Trent works full time for the No-Men, helping to establish diplomatic relations between the Earth and Ventaran governments. Trent accidentally spills coffee onto Michelle's shoe, but Maya narrates that she is learning patience. Eubulon restores Frank's life force and enjoys a good day with Kit. Eubulon also cures Chris' asthma, resulting him in a spot back into the marines. Kit, Len, and Kase attend Maya's book signing, with Kit having his copy of the book signed. Maya starts dating Pryce.

A mirror monster attacks, Len, Kit and Kase transform into Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and Kamen Rider Siren. The three do a final pose, ending the series.



  • Final appearance of every remaining character from Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
  • First and only time Kamen Rider Onyx is named onscreen.
  • This episode is unaired on TV in the United States due to the show's cancellation, though it was made viewable online via 4kids website on December 18, 2009.


  • Maya says that The Riders had to race to shut down the teleportation transmitters for good, instead of racing to stop Xaviax from using them. She also says Eubulon was able to bring the enslaved Ventarans back from Ventara, instead of back to Ventara or back from Karsh.
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