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A Confession of A Legend (Aレジェンドの告白 A Rejendo no Kokuhaku) is the fourth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying the fourth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as its "episode 4.5".[1]


Recapping the latest episode, Sougo feels joy as he made friend with Geiz and Tsukuyomi, but Geiz appears behind him and rejects his thought, claiming that he is going to take Sougo out right there. Tsukuyomi appears and convince him to wait a little longer, as they can ask the legendary predecessors to help anyway. At that time, Hiiro and Emu appear on the top left and top right corners of the screen, respectively, with Hiiro claims that Emu is not a legend, but merely an intern. Emu corrects that he is actually a pediatrician now, which makes Hiiro surprised as there were too many spin-off to keep track.

Sougo then asks the two legends if losing their memory as a Kamen Rider is a big problem. Emu confirms and hand Sougo his script, which writes that since the timeline has been changed, Hiiro is now called "A. Hiiro". Emu explains that "A." stands for "After", which makes Sougo confused between "Another Rider" and "After Rider". Geiz scolds Sougo for his poor comprehension and asks him to learn more from the legends. Hiiro then demonstrates the differences between A.Hiiro and B.Hiiro, to which Tsukuyomi comment that there is none. Hiiro says that it shouldn't, as his personality doesn't change even when the timeline changes, which actually disappoints Emu. Emu claims that he himself is refered as "A. Emu" (or AM) and "B. Emu" (or BM). Then Hiiro abruptly leaves, followed by Emu, leaving the three confused protagonists behind.

Geiz then raps about Emu's names before Sougo concludes that the today lesson is being a legend is hard, but Geiz and Tsukuyomi scold him.


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