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Oceanic Reminiscence's Bouquet (海に追憶の花束を Umi ni Tsuioku no Hanataba o) is the forty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Black.


With Kohtaro dead and Golgom standing victorious over a burning Japan, Kyoko and Katsumi try to survive until they escape their home, even as a miraculous event is occurring within the ocean.


With Kamen Rider Black's death, Gorgom stands unimpeded. A mass exodus from Japan begins with people desperate to escape Gorgom.

The Creation King warns that Shadow Moon can't complete his ascension without Black's Kingstone and if the Creation King dies without a christened heir, his would-be successor will die as well. Darom and Bat Mutant leave to search for Black's body. However it's the Whale Mutant who finds Black's body, which he takes to his grotto and treats with an ancient medicine handed down by his tribe.

Kyoko and Katsumi sail away from Japan and as they do they throw a bouquet into the sea. Whale Mutant finds it and places it with Black's body.


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