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7-Eleven is a worldwide chain of convenience stores which started in Irving, Texas, USA in 1927. A majority of its stores internationally are based in Japan, with over 18,700 stores out of the 59,000+ in operation around the world located in that area.

One of the promotional events of the stores in Japan are "stamp rallys" where visits to a 7-Eleven can result in rewards if participants have stamp books. Prizes range from stickers for kids to raffles or points for prizes such as collectible toys or clothing merchandise. 7-Eleven, much like McDonald's, can also be a location of a Ganbaride or later Ganbarizing card giveaway. Some of the ads for these promotions feature the Kamen Riders and in some cases, the Shocker Combatmen. Other ads feature the Riders interacting with characters from other Toei shows, such as the cast of Aikatsu!. In 2018, the cast of both Kamen Rider and Aikatsu! series were moved to being featured on print ads for rival convenience store chain Lawson.


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